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I'm a designer, entrepreneur, and all-around curious person who can't get enough of exploring new ideas and asking lots of questions.

I'm particularly interested in exploring better ways to collaborate and tackle important challenges together. This has led me to create the Facilitator School, an education platform with courses, resources, and tools around the topic of facilitation. Our goal is to help individuals develop the skills and knowledge necessary to create engaging, productive, and impactful gatherings.

In my free time, you can usually find me reading books, cooking, playing board games or badminton, and spending time with those closest to me.

I'm an advocate for writing and thinking in public, which I'm most actively doing on LinkedIn at the moment.


  • Evolutionary Psychology
  • Facilitation
  • Prime Lenses
  • Pasta Making
  • Board games
  • German Bread
  • Reading
  • Note-Taking
  • Smart Home
  • React
  • Card Magic
  • Cooking
  • Dad Jokes
  • Reddit
  • Bike touring
  • Tea
  • Ramen
  • Rocket League
  • Effective Altriusm
  • Stoicism
  • Apple


  • Coffee
  • Stock Photos
  • Notifications
  • Narrow-minded
  • Driving
  • Strong Beliefs
  • Working Overtime
  • Advertisments
  • Reality TV
  • Group chats
  • Politics
  • News
  • Combi Ovens

About this page

Everything you see here I have designed and built myself. The website is using React and Chakra UI as a design system. The pages are generated by NextJS and are hosted on Vercel.

The content for the website, such as articles, books and bookmarks are stored on Airtable and then pulled in through their API endpoint. If you are curious, you can explore the code for this website on my Github.