About Me

After school, I studied Media and Communications for Digital Business in Aachen, Germany. It was at that time, where I found my passion for Design, Technology and being an Entrepreneur. In my free time, I always liked to follow my curiosity, learn new things and explore the far corners of the internet. Currently, I'm spending my day on Crisp Studio while dedicating my evenings read books, write articles, code things and spend time with my favorite people in life.


Two semesters into university I co-founded a company called Crisp Studio with my good friend René Nauheimer. Over time, the company evolved into a small, specialised studio that helps organisations to solve important challenges with Sprints and Workshops. In my role, I'm focused on strategy, healthy growth and charming clients (I try my best). The journey of building this company from the ground up has been one of the most satisfying experiences in my life. Head over to my LinkedIn, if you want to connect with my professionally.


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