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Daniel Wirtz

1 month ago

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I recently did a 2-week bikepacking trip to the Spanish Pyrenees. Below you find my packing checklist list of everything I took with me and some commentary on what I might change next time.
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Bivvy (Alpin Loaker Bivy Pro)
Tent (Big Agnes Copper Spur HV3 Bikepack)
Lightweight picnic blanket (Amazon)


Quilt (Cumulus Quilt 250)
Sleeping Mat (Sea to summit Etherlight XT)
Pillow (Decathlon)
Ear plugs (Generic)

Food & Water

Hydration Vest (Decathlon trail running backpack 10l)
1L water bladder (Decathlon)
2x 950ml water bottles (Decathlon)
1x Soft flask (Raceful, 300ml)
Spork (UCO)
Folding Knife (Victorinox)
Zip bags

Repair & Maintenance

Multi-tool (Crank brother)
Chain breaker / Tire lever (AliExpress)
Mini Leatherman (Mammut)
Chain Lube (Squirt)
Zip ties
Mini pump (Decathlon)
Duct tape (Wrapped around the pump)
Tire plugs
Tube patch kit
Super glue


1x Quick link
1x Disc brake pad
2x Lightweight tubes
50ml Tubeless sealant


1x Bibs (Decathlon)
1x Merino long sleeve (Decathlon)
1x Merino leggings (Decathlon)
1x Merino Neckwarmer (Decathlon)
2x Merino t-shirts (Decathlon)
1x Sport shorts (Decathlon)
1x Swimming shorts (Generic)
3x Underwear (Uniqlo)
3x Merino socks (Danish Endurance)
1x Sandals (Teva)
1x Cycling shoes (Spezialized Rime 2.0)
1x Cycling gloves (Spezialized Dual Gel)
1x Helmet (Decathlon)
1x Rain jacket (Mac in pac)


Toothpaste tablets
Baby wipes
Lightweight towel (Decathlon)
UV lip balm
Mosquito treatment stick (Heat it)
Melatonin sleeping pills
Butt butter (Sweet checks)
Restorative Cream (Ciclafate+)


First aid kit (Lifesystems „Light & Dry Nano“)
High visibility vest (AliExpress)
Rescue blanket (AliExpress)
Bell (AliExpress)
Lock (Kohleburg 180cm Karabiner Lock)
Front light (Lumintop B01)
Rear light (Knog)


Cycling computer (Wahoo Bolt V2)
Charger (Essager 20W)
Battery pack (Anker 20.000)
Headphones (iPhone cable version)
USB LED light (Action)

Bike & Bags

Gravel Bike (Temple Adventure Disc 2)
Masey Bikepack custom frame bag
Masey Bikepack custom down tube bag
Masey Bikepack top tube bag
Masey Bikepack handlebar bag
Masey Bikepack feed pouches
Tires (45mm Gravel M Pirelli)
Saddle (Bontrager Aeolus
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Food & Nutrition

The first four days of our trip were planned as an ultra-cycling challenge, where we planned to cover 450 km and 9000 meters of elevation. To make sure our nutrition was on point, we prepared a large part of the food for those days ahead of the trip and packed in the bags. That way, we also saved time for grocery shopping.
1,2kg of homemade rice cake (Three flavors)
9 date bars (Decahtlon)
6 gels (Decathlon)
300ml maple syrup
Electrolyte tablets (Decathlon)
2 protein bars
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Changes I’m considering

  • René gave me some of his Ohropax earplugs to try in the middle of the trip. They reduce the sound much better (e.g. birds chirping, wind, cars in the background), have a perfect fit, and don’t fall out.
  • I’ve used toothpaste tablets on this trip, but they easily fall apart when shaken during the ride. For future trips, I’m going back to a travel-sized toothpaste.
  • My hair was often messy from my helmet and I missed having a baseball cap for comfort, sun protection, and the evening activities we did (e.g. going into the city to get food).
  • After some rough gravel paths, the bike and chain quickly accumulated dirt. To avoid damage to the bike and keep it functional well, it would have been nice to clean the bike on a rest day with a small cloth and some soap.
  • We had little cash with us and did most of our payments by card. This worked fairly well, but there were a couple of places where they didn’t accept cards or had a preference for cash to save on fees. Next time it’s good to bring more cash.
  • Before the trip, I already learned that my derailleur hanger was bent. But there was no time to get a replacement. In the future, I want to carry a spare derailleur hanger in case the hanger breaks (e.g. during flight transportation or on the trail).
  • From a bike mechanic, I learned that super glue is great for fixing stiff parts (e.g. plastic) but doesn't work well for flexible parts (e.g. patching the tire). For that contact glue is better. I think that could be a nice addition to the repair kit.

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