Hello world

It all started when a friend of mine got excited about building his first website. I joined along to help him and was intrigued to work on my website at the same time.

I found the work to be very satisfying and spend a couple of hours over the last weeks working on this site. To continue on this journey, I set myself two goals.

Learning to write well

"Writing is thinking. To write well is to think clearly. That's why it's so hard." ― David McCullough

This is a quote I stumbled upon recently. If you think about it then there is a lot of truth behind it. The hard thing about writing is mostly thinking. Connecting dots, finding something meaningful to say and articulating it in a clear and engaging way.

That's a charming idea. Because it also means that practising writing helps you to think better. And thinking better helps you to be a better communicator in general. Which is nice too, right?

Therefore I want to use this blog to practice the art of writing. Publishing these articles provides some pressure and makes sure that I write something that I find meaningful. Further, I can easily send and share articles with friends and receive valuable feedback.

Playing around and coding stuff

Have you noticed that this site is blazing fast? That's because it's running on GatsbyJS. A React framework to build websites that have incredibly fast page loads by using only static sites. You can check out and track the development here.

Solving code problems and UI problems is very fulfilling. It's similar to having a tidy kitchen, that is very functional. I'm planning to invest more time into experiments and new features that help me to deepen my front-end skills.

Some things I want to work on:

  1. Sourcing and displaying data (e.g Instagram Posts, Goodreads Books, Movies I watched)
  2. Building a small manageable Design System
  3. Getting advanced in Framer Motion and TailwindCSS
  4. Making this site accessible

You can track the development of the website on my github.


I created a small email list on MailChimp. The main purpose is to send out notifications when I write a new blog post. I will probably add some of my thoughts to the newsletter, depending on how this project moves forward.

You can sign up for the newsletter below. Thanks!